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Rack Warehouse: Thule Gateway Pro 2

 Rack Warehouse: Thule Gateway Pro 2

The Thule Gateway Pro 2  is a bike trunk mounted carrier that is designed to maximize the range of vehicles it will fit.  The Gateway Pro 2 fastens to your vehicle safely and securely with six maximum-strength nylon straps and rubber coated metal hooks. The Gateway Pro 2 bike carrier is equipped with Thule's Quick-Fit lever system, which allows for easy adjustment and a perfect fit. Thule's Cinch-Lever mechanism provides the unique ability to adjust each bike support arm independently for a better fit with non-traditional bike frames. The Gateway Pro 2 bike carrier’s compact cradles use a ratcheting style cradle strap - making loading and unloading your bikes quick and easy. The bike cradles are spaced 7" apart providing a greater distance between bikes for a safe and secure fit. Bike cradles also include Anti-Sway fasteners which help provide extra stability, protection and prevent bike-to-bike contact. For bicycle security, the Gateway includes a built-in cable lock that pulls out of the bike rack arm, wraps around the outermost bike frame and locks into the end of the bike arm. When not in use the entire frame folds flat for easy storage.

Key Product Highlights:

  • Fastens to your vehicle with six nylon straps and rubber coated metal hooks

  • Includes a built-in cable lock

  • Ratcheting style cradle straps make loading and unloading bikes easy

  • Anti-Sway Cages help eliminate bike-to-bike and bike-to-vehicle contact

  • Patented FitDial with Quick-Fit Lever for easy adjustment and the perfect fit

  • Cinch-Lever provides the ability to adjust each bike support arm independently

  • Folds flat for convenient storage

For more information and insight, please check out the short video below that highlights the key features and walks through the quick installation set-up: 



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