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Rack Warehouse: Thule Gatemate Pro

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Rack Warehouse: COMING SOON! Thule Tepui Foothill Rooftop Tent

Rack Warehouse: COMING SOON! Thule Tepui Foothill Rooftop Tent  We are excited to announce that we will be carrying Thule’s new rooftop tent, the Thule Tepui Foothill .  It will be available upon its release by Thule in the Spring of 2021. The Thule Tepui Foothill Rooftop Tent is a soft shell tent. Thule's Tepui Foothill rooftop tent is built perfectly for outdoor enthusiasts who seek the ability to have additional space on their roof rack still available to transport other gear with it’s c ompact design when folded.  When the rooftop tent is deployed, it can comfortably sleep  two adults.   The Tepui Foothill rooftop tent has a static weight capacity of 400lbs with  product weight of 108lbs. The Tepui Foothills open dimensions are 84x 47x 38.” The Foothills closed dimensions are 83x24x 9.5.” The peak internal height dimension is 38.” The Tepui Foothill has a flip-open design and telescopic internal frame poles allowing for easy, one person setup and breakdown.  Once the Tep

Rack Warehouse: Winter Sport Carrying Options

  Rack Warehouse: Winter Sport Carrying Options  Do you like winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding? Do you have a vehicle, but are not sure what your options are for carrying your equipment? Since there are quite a few options available, you’ll need to figure out what matters to you the most.  Some things to think about are:  Do you have a rack system installed on your vehicle?  Do you already own a bitch hitch rack that you can use to your advantage?  Are you looking for something weather resistant that will keep your equipment out of the elements?  Do you have a particular taste or style preference for your vehicle?  Option 1: If you already have a rack on your vehicle, a rooftop cargo box might be a good choice for you. There are many different cargo box options available.  The Inno Wedge in particular is incredibly sleek and modern looking.  Whereas the Thule Force is a more classic option that can fit and carry bulkier cargo.  We would recommend  checking your vehicle’s

Rack Warehouse: Thule Gateway Pro 2

  Rack Warehouse: Thule Gateway Pro 2 The Thule Gateway Pro 2   is a bike trunk mounted carrier that is designed to maximize the range of vehicles it will fit.  The Gateway Pro 2 fastens to your vehicle safely and securely with six maximum-strength nylon straps and rubber coated metal hooks. The Gateway Pro 2 bike carrier is equipped with Thule's Quick-Fit lever system, which allows for easy adjustment and a perfect fit. Thule's Cinch-Lever mechanism provides the unique ability to adjust each bike support arm independently for a better fit with non-traditional bike frames. The Gateway Pro 2 bike carrier’s compact cradles use a ratcheting style cradle strap - making loading and unloading your bikes quick and easy. The bike cradles are spaced 7" apart providing a greater distance between bikes for a safe and secure fit. Bike cradles also include Anti-Sway fasteners which help provide extra stability, protection and prevent bike-to-bike contact. For bicycle security, the Gat

Rack Warehouse: Yakima HalfBack 3

  Rack Warehouse: Yakima HalfBack 3 The Yakima 8002635 HalfBack 3 is a Bike Truck, also known as a Hatch Mounted Bicycle Rack that combines a unique style with affordability.  This model is priced at $219 USD. This rack boasts of a new and modern looking 4 strap design that compliments the curves of today’s vehicles.  The Yakima HalfBack 3 features Zip Strip Cradles to help pad and tightly secure the rack to your vehicle. It’s a very light option, weighing in at around 20lbs.  It can carry up to 3 bikes at approximately 30lbs per bike.  Yakima’s Anti-sway cradles minimize any bike to bike contact removing any risk of damage when the bikes are loaded properly.  The carrying arms on the Yakima Halfback 3 fold down when not in use, making it easy to store. Key Product Highlights:  3 Bike Capacity Weight: 20lbs Max Bike Weight: 30lbs per bike Compliments the curves of today's vehicles Carrying arms fold down when not in use Zip Strips securely hold your bikes in the cradles Folds up

Rack Warehouse: Thule Tram Ski & Snowboard Carrier

  Rack Warehouse: Thule Tram Ski & Snowboard Carrier  The Thule Tram Hitch Mount Ski Carrier   is designed to attach to Thule's Trailer Hitch Receiver Mounted Bicycle Racks.  It can carry up to 6 pairs of skis, 4 snowboards or a combination of the two. The Thule Tram Hitch Mount Ski Carrier transforms your Thule trailer hitch bicycle rack into a stylish and practical snow sport carrier. The Thule Tram features ultra-soft rubber arms that securely holds and gently protects your skis and snowboards. The Tram's oversize push buttons allow for easy opening, even with bulky gloves or mittens. Thule's One-Key Lock System securely fastens your skis and snowboards to the carrier. The Tram Hitch Mounted Carrier easily fastens to your hitch mounted bicycle rack. Simply place the carrier into the bike cradles, fasten the bike carrier's straps over the Tram's frame, secure the bottom of the Tram to the bike rack mast with the provided bracket and have fun!  If you are us

Rack Warehouse: The Yakima Showdown

  Rack Warehouse: The Yakima Showdown The Yakima Showdown is the first of it’s kind side loader for both kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. The last thing anyone wants to do after a day on the water is lift your 80lb kayak to put it on the roof of your vehicle! Yakima’s ShowDown solves that problem with it’s slide and tilt mechanism that allows you to load your kayak or SUP at weight height, making loading and unloading much easier.   The ShowDown includes flexible width-adjustable felt covered kayak and SUP saddles that easily conform to the size and contours of your boat or boards. The ShowDown's flip-out loading platform folds flat when not in use, providing a low profile for improved overhead clearance. The ShowDown features tool-free installation with built-in universal mounting hardware, and may be locked to your crossbars for additional security (SKS Lock cores are sold separately). The ShowDown is compatible on most vehicles with Yakima , Thule , Rhino-Rack , Malone