Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thule Apex 4 Bike Swing Away Bicycle Rack

    Thule's new 9027 Apex 4 Bike Swing Away hitch mounted bicycle racks combine sleek new styling with a built in swing away arm that allows easy access to your vehicle's rear cargo area. The Swing Away arm allows you to conveniently swing the rack out 180 degrees, providing full access to the rear hatch area with the bikes still loaded. The Thule Apex Swing provides superior rear
                        hatch access.To use this feature, simply loosen the large tightening knob, pull the spring-loaded retention pin and swing away. The Thule Apex Swing Away Bike Rack is compatible with 2" receivers only. (It is technically possible to mount this to a 1 1/4" receiver, but this is not recommended and would void your warranty-very few 1 1/4" receivers can handle the torque involved).
    Loading and unloading your bicycles is also easier on the new Apex Swing-the bike carrying arms are longer and lower set. Combined with the new arc-shaped design this not only eases loading and unloading, it also  helps eliminate frame contact between your bikes. Thule's new Hold Fast anti-sway cradles with Road Dampening Technology (RDT) make sure your bikes get the First Class treatment they deserve. The RDT cradle with SoftTouch Anti-Sway Cages is equipped with TPE (thermoplastic elastomer-essentially an improved form of rubber) making the Apex cradle design unique. TPE offers a flexible soft texture that gently, but firmly, secures your bike frame and enables the cradles to absorb road shock and greatly reduce vibration. Folded arms = easier parking.The new SoftTouch cradles allow the Apex Swing to carry nearly any bike frame type including carbon fiber frames (which was not recommended on other racks that hold the bike by the frame-it is possible to crack a carbon fiber frame if it's not properly supported). The bike arms also fold down when not in use via the new and improved quick release Hitch Switch, which makes an audible click to reassure you that the arms are securely locked in position. We've tested the new fold down mechanism in our store and were quite impressed-the Apex Swing is quite a bit more stable than other hitch mount bicycle racks. Thule has also included and integrated cable lock and Snug-Tite locking receiver pin to keep your bikes and your new bike rack safe and secure.

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