Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New From Thule - AeroBlade Aerodynamic Crossbars

    You asked for quieter roof racks, and Thule listened to you-so now you won't have to listen to your rack!The Thule AeroBladeThule's new AeroBlade load bars are compatible with their Rapid Aero tower systems and accessories, making them available for nearly any vehicle on the road. This new design provides all the strength and versatility we've come to expect from Thule in a stunning new look that will get your gear where you're going while giving you a quiet, peaceful drive (providing your kids like to nap while you drive).
    The new Thule AeroBlade crossbars are available in 43", 47", 53", and 60" lengths to accommodate all current Thule vehicle fits. New SwingBlade swing-out endcaps are included, and allow full access to the Thule T-slot without having to remove the cap. The WindDiffuser T-slot cover's specially designed shape helps reduce wind noise not only by covering the T-slot, but also by re-shaping the oncoming air flow. In short, Thule's outdone themselves once again. The Thule AeroBlade will be available in stores mid-September.


Anonymous said...

I know Thule says that the Hullaport kayak racks are compatible with the aeroblade bars, but I have heard that they do not fit the aeroblade as well as they fit the square bars... Do you know if this is true? I am more concerned about secure transport than noise.

Rack Expert: said...

We haven't gotten much feedback about watersport carriers on the new AeroBlade crossbars-they came out pretty late in the kayaking season for most folks-so we set one up to test this out. The mounting hardware feels just as solid to us as it does on the square bar. You'll definitely need to use the longer bolts included with the Hullaport-they won't hang down beyond the head of the wingknobs, but they do thread completely through the nuts with about 1/8" to spare. As long as you tie down your boat properly you shouldn't have any trouble carrying your kayak with the Hullaport on the AeroBlade bars.