Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New From Thule - AeroBlade Aerodynamic Crossbars

    You asked for quieter roof racks, and Thule listened to you-so now you won't have to listen to your rack!The Thule AeroBladeThule's new AeroBlade load bars are compatible with their Rapid Aero tower systems and accessories, making them available for nearly any vehicle on the road. This new design provides all the strength and versatility we've come to expect from Thule in a stunning new look that will get your gear where you're going while giving you a quiet, peaceful drive (providing your kids like to nap while you drive).
    The new Thule AeroBlade crossbars are available in 43", 47", 53", and 60" lengths to accommodate all current Thule vehicle fits. New SwingBlade swing-out endcaps are included, and allow full access to the Thule T-slot without having to remove the cap. The WindDiffuser T-slot cover's specially designed shape helps reduce wind noise not only by covering the T-slot, but also by re-shaping the oncoming air flow. In short, Thule's outdone themselves once again. The Thule AeroBlade will be available in stores mid-September.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The World's Quietest Roof Rack-Whispbar by Yakima

Whispbar SmartFoot
                          Flush Bar Car Roof Rack
    If you believe that roof racks should be seen and not heard, you'll love the new Whispbar by Yakima. The Whispbar Rail Bar SystemWith an eye-catching low profile style that rivals the best factory installed crossbars, you won't hear any complaints about ugly crossbars on your new car. In fact, you won't hear much of anything-as their name implies, Whispbar roof racks are whisper quiet.
    The Whispbar crossbar was designed by former Rolls Royce aircraft engineer using numerous wind tunnel tests and real world road testing. The result is a strong, functional crossbar with the lowest wind noise and drag of any roof rack. Their innovative infilled T slot design allows for fast, solid mounting of bike trays and other accessories, without leaving an open channel on top of the bar to cause noise and reduce fuel efficiency.
    Whispbar roof racks will accept all factory rack compatible accessories from Yakima, as well as most from Thule and Malone.
Look for new Whispbar accessories from Yakima in the coming months, too.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Allen MT-1 Trunk Mounted 1 Bicycle Bike Rack

The Allen MT-1 Trunk Mounted 1 Bicycle Rack
    What's the size of a large box of doughnuts, sets up in seconds, and safely carries your bike? No, it's not a riddle, it's the new Allen MT-1 Trunk Mounted 1 Bicycle RackThe MT-1 fits easily in your backpack or duffel.Installing the MT-1 on your vehicle couldn't be easier-just unfold the three support arms and snap them in place, rest the self-leveling rubber coated support pads on your trunk or hatch, put the three mounting clips in place, and tighten the straps. When you're ready to ride, pop your bike off the rack, take the rack off your vehicle, fold it up and stow the MT-1 in your backpack or duffel. (It even comes with its own small carry bag.) The one bike model is available now, and the Allen MT-2 Trunk Mounted 2 Bike Rack will be out later this spring.

    While you're waiting for the last of the snow to melt, check out this video of the head of Allen Sports USA touring the factory where the Allen MT-1 is manufactured.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thule's new Archway 3 Bicycle Racks are now available.

The Thule 9010 Archway 3 Bike Trunk Mounted Bicycle Rack
    The new Thule 9010 Archway 3 Bike Trunk Mounted Bicycle Rack makes your basic bike rack just a little less basic.The integrated lock cable secures your bikes to the Archway. Its sleek new design utilizes a quick-set fitting mechanism to set the carrier to the proper angle for your vehicle, and its curved frame accommodates many vehicles with spoilers. The tried-and-true six strap mounting system attaches quickly and securely to just about any vehicle. The Archway features Thule's new Cinch-Lever bike arm adjustment system not only lets you fold the arms down when not carrying bikes, it also allows each arm to be adjusted up or down independently. Thule's Trunk Locker strap keeps theives from enjoying your new Archway.Together with Thule's Stay-Put cradles, this makes the Archway capable of accepting bike frames of nearly any design (though NOT carbon fiber frame bicycles-those should always be carried by the tires or forks, otherwise you risk cracking the frame of the bike).
    Thule hasn't forgotten about bike security, either. The Archway's integrated lock cable secures your bikes to the rack, and Thule's Trunk Locker strap easily secures the Archway to your vehicle. After you've wrapped the Trunk Locker strap around the Archway's frame, just toss the hockey-puck shaped bob on the other end in your trunk or hatch-it's that easy! Two cut-resistant steel cables embedded within the Trunk Locker strap keep your bikes safe while the soft fabric shell keeps it from damaging your vehicle's finish.
    If you're in the market for a new trunk mounted bicycle rack, you'll definitely want to check out the Thule Archway. It's available in both 2 bike and 3 bike models, and it makes "basic" just a little better.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Got Paddleboards? Get the Yakima WaveHog!

The Yakima 4051 WaveHog Surf, Paddle and Sailboard Carrier
    If you've been looking for a more secure way to carry your paddle board, meet your new best friend, the WaveHog. The Yakima 4051 WaveHog Surf, Paddle and Sailboard Carrier can carry up to three boards stacked piggy-back style. (Get it?-the WaveHog.) A closeup of the Yakima SoulPad board cushioning pad.The SoulPad universal mount pads fit just about every roof rack out there. They mount easily with a couple of straps, quickly giving you a cushioned spot to lay your boards. The included SUP Brah Nose-Tail Tie-Down System for Paddleboards allows you tie down down then ends of your board for greater stability (if your carrying more than one board, you'll want to tie down the longest one.) The SUP Brah Nose-Tail Tie-Down System for Paddleboards.The WaveHog also includes Yakima's RipCord Lockable 12' Straps to keep your boards in place with a firm, theft resistant grip. With rubber covered aluminum cam buckles and nylon coated steel cables running through the straps, the RipCord straps don't just tie down your boards, they fight crime AND corrosion. Does that make the WaveHog a roof rack superhero?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Thule RaceWay 3 Bike Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

The Thule 9002 RaceWay 3 Bike Trunk Mount Rack
    Thule's new 9002 RaceWay 3 Bike Trunk Mounted Bicycle Rack just arrived in our warehouse this morning, but we're going to need more of them. LOTS more. Because everyone with bikes but no trailer hitch is going to want one. Thule spent about 2 years perfecting the RaceWay's design, and it shows. A closeup of the RaceWay's Locking adjustment system.The RaceWay's integrated Fit Number system allows you to set the carrier's angle to match the back of your vehicle even faster than on previous models. Thule's new Sure-Tight cable system locks the RaceWay to your vehicle with a couple quick turns of a knob. This new ultra-stable system needs only 4 rubber coated hooks to hold the rack securely in place, and the locking adjustment knobs keep thieves from loosening the cut-resistant cables and walking away with your bike rack. Thule has also included an integrated cable lock to secure the outermost bike (which makes it nearly impossible to swipe your other bikes, too). You can check out the full RaceWay installation instructions on Thule's website.
    Aside from being faster and more secure, the Thule RaceWay delivers all the standard features you've come to expect from Thule's trunk mounted racks. Thule's Anti-Sway Cages help eliminate bike to bike contact, and an additional included cam-buckle strap can be used to secure your bikes to the lower frame of the carrier. A side view of Thule's Anti-Sway Cage.The bike carrying arms can be folded down when not in use. Of course, Thule has redesigned the bike arms, so folding them down is as simple as pulling on the central adjustment lever and pivoting the arms. The bike arms' spacing has been narrowed to just under 12 inches (versus 17inches on previous models), which allows the RaceWay to accommodate a wide variety of bike frames-including many children's bikes (just be sure your kid's bike's pedals don't scrape the frame on your full-size bikes if you carry them both at the same time). Don't have three bikes? Check out the Thule 9001 RaceWay 2 Bike Rack. It holds - you guessed it - two bikes.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Introducing the new HighLite premium bike rack from Yakima

The Yakima HighLite 2 Bike Hitch Rack
    The new Yakima HighLite Receiver Hitch Mounted Bicycle Racks offer all the features of Yakima's DoubleDown hitch racks in a new, lightweight design that fits both 2" and 1.25" receiver hitches. The HighLite's aluminum design provides you with aThe HighLite tilts down out of the way when not in use. rugged, rust free bike rack that's quite easy to install. It utilizes Yakima's SwitchBlade anti-sway cradles for improved bike stability, an integrated LockDown security cable that locks your bikes to the rack, and a locking tongue assembly to lock the rack to your vehicle. The HighLite's TriggerFinger releases enable the bike support arms to fold down when not in use and allow the rack to tilt away from your vehicle for easy trunk/hatch access. It's available in both 2 and 3 bike models.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get A Jump On Spring With New Surf And Bike Carriers From Thule

Thule's new 24" Surfboard pads for Aero Bars and Factory Racks
    This just in...or should we say these just in...new surfboard and paddleboard carriers from Thule have arrived. The Thule 9001 Raceway 2 Bike Trunk Mounted Bicycle RackWith new rack pads that fit Thule's Aero bars and most factory racks, as well as new board tiedowns like the Thule 531 Express Stretchable Bungee Surfboard Straps, you know spring is just around the corner. If that's not enough to get you excited, then take a look at Thule's new 9001 Raceway 2 Bike Trunk Mounted Bicycle Rack. (There will also be a three bike version available soon.)