Friday, March 27, 2009

Get a Yakima Cargo Box shipped right to your door

Yakima's SkyBox LoPro 15 Cargo Box, TitaniumThe Yakimap SkyBox Pro 16s Roof Top Cargo Box
      You know there's one thing your vehicle never has enough of: space. Nothing makes a long trip (or a short one) less enjoyable than being crammed in with all your gear in your lap and under your feet. You could buy a bigger vehicle, or leave half of your gear at home, but a roof top cargo box would be a much better option. They're much cheaper than a new car or van, and you'll avoid the whole "What do you mean you left the luggage behind?" headache.
    A Yakima cargo box will give you all the cargo space you need, and they'll mount nearly any roof rack. There's only one thing more convenient than a Yakima cargo box, and that's having one delivered right to your home. The cost to ship a cargo box used to be quite high, often well over a hundred dollars, so we only offered cargo boxes for in-store purchase at The Rack Warehouse. But we've been working together with freight companies to lower these costs and pass these savings on to you. You can now have any Yakima cargo box shipped right to your door anywhere in the contiguous 48 states (sorry, we still do not ship cargo boxes to Alaska or Hawaii). Although these cargo boxes will be shipped via freight truck, we will only charge you the UPS Ground shipping rate, meaning you can place your order online and choose the UPS Ground option to quickly calculate your freight charges. Although expedited shipping is not available, delivery only takes 3-5 working days no matter where you are.
    Yakima's cargo boxes will fit Yakima and Thule roof racks, most factory-installed roof racks, Yakima RackandRoll trailers...well, you get the idea. If it has crossbars, chances are Yakima makes a cargo box that will fit it like a glove. A big, cargo carrying glove. For even more information on the full line of Yakima cargo boxes, you can check out a couple of their demonstrational videos at the end of this post. Of course, you can also give us a call toll-free at 1-800-272-5362. The staff here at The Rack Warehouse will be happy to answer all your questions, and we don't work on commission, so there are no high-pressure sales here. Just folks who want to make sure you're equipped for a really great road trip!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thule's new Prologue Fork Mount Bicycle Tray

The Thule 516 Prologue Fork Mount Bike Tray
    If you're in the market for a quality bike tray that won't cost a fortune, look no further than Thule's new Prologue tray. The Thule 516 Prologue Fork Mounted Bicycle Carrier is a great entry-level bike tray with features that are anything but basic. The Prologue's head is a slim, aerodynamic design constructed of a high-strength nylon composite, and a beefy stainless steel skewer gives the Prologue a rock solid grip on your bike. The skewer's oversized lever makes loading and unloading quick and easy, and the skewer locks your bike to the tray, and your tray to your roof rack with the addition of one Thule lock core (sold separately.) It is also compatible with most 9mm disc brakes. The aluminum tray is a single-wall style that accommodates tires up to 2.6" wide, and wheelbases up to 48". The Prologue is compatible with Thule square bars and Yakima round bars, and can be mounted to Thule's Aero Bars with Xadapt9 Adapter Kit.
Thule's 515 Prologue Pack    With the Thule 532 Ride-On Bike Adapter, the Prologue can be mounted to most factory installed crossbars. But if you've got two bikes, the Thule 515 Prologue 2 Bike, Complete Factory Rack Bike Pack is a heck of a deal. The Prologue Pack includes two Prologue bicycle trays, the Thule Ride-On Adapter, and a 2 pack of Thule 512 Lock Cores. Go to and check these products out for yourself. You'll find that the 515 Prologue Pack is substantially cheaper than buying these parts separately, and we all like to save money. (Especially when we don't have to sacrifice quality to do it!)

Friday, March 6, 2009

TracRac Construction, Utility, and Work Truck Pick-Up Truck Racks

The TracRac Full Sliding Truck Rack System
    The TracRac construction, utility, and work truck rack may look great on your truck, with its polished aluminum frame and clean lines, don't look its looks fool you. The TracRac pick-up truck rack is no lightweight. It has a 1000 lb. weight capacity on most trucks, and its aluminum construction and stainless steel hardware mean you'll have a rust free truck rack for years to come. If your truck has stake bed pockets, the TracRac's base tracks can be mounted using special expansion blocks for a drill-free installation, which helps keep your truck's resale value high. No stake bed pockets? No problem! The TracRac's base tracks can also be bolted to the top of your bed rails. Spray-on bed liners won't interfere with mounting the rack, but some other bed liners may need to be cut if they're the over-the-rail type, or if they interfere with bolting the base tracks down.
    The TracRac is one of the most versatile utility racks around. Both crossbars can slide anywhere on the base tracks with a quick turn of two knobs to better match the length of your overhead load, or to push them out of the way of bulky items in the bed. If you need to remove the uprights entirely, just unscrew the four stop bolts at the end of the base tracks and slide the crossbar assemblies right off of your truck. If you're concerned about security, you can swap out the slide adjustment knobs with TracRac's Locking Trac Knobs, to prevent anyone from moving or removing your crossbars without a key.
TracRac Base Track Tiedowns    The TracRack full sliding system includes a set of four Crossbar Tie Downs to help secure ladders, lumber, etc.TracRac Cantilever Extension and Window Guard TracRac Base Rail Tie Downs are also available to provide tie-off points on the base tracks. If you need support for longer loads, the TracRac Cantilever Extension can be attached to the front crossbar, giving you extra stability for longer loads without sacrificing the sliding functionality of the TracRac. Other utility accessories include a Window Guard that doubles as a cargo divider which can be placed anywhere along the base tracks and sliding toolbox mounting kits. Getting ready to enjoy the weekend? TracRac's BikeMounts let you mount bicycles by their front forks to the base tracks or crossbars of your TracRac. Those of you who enjoy watersports will be happy to know that TracRac has recently confirmed that Yakima's new MakoAero kayak saddles are compatible with TracRac racks, so now you can carry your kayaks in style on your TracRac as well. So don't wait any longer. TracRac has truck racks that fit almost every pick-up made, and you know you won't just get a rugged rack that's built to last, it'll look great, too!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Yakima QuickBack Trunk Mounted Bicycle Rack

    If you're looking for the hands down highest quality strap mounted bicycle carrier, then you're looking for the QuickBack from Yakima. It's great for carrying bikes on vehicles without roof racks or receiver hitches, and it's available in both 2 and 3 bike models. Both the QuickBack 2 and the QuickBack 3 install quickly and easily on virtually any trunk or hatchback, with integrated adjustment knobs that set the angle of the bike arms and the main frame, and a labeled strap system that takes all the guesswork out of mounting your rack. Its premium Tr-Padded feet and padded buckles protect your vehicle's finish, and it can be safely mounted on most glass hatches with the included Glass Hatch Hooks. The QuickBack features a new, narrower arm design which accommodates more frame styles than other trunk or hatch mounted bike racks. If your bike lacks a top tube, though, you'll need to pick up a Yakima Tube Top bike frame adapter so that the QuickBack has something to hold on to. The QuickBack utilizes Yakima's SwitchBlade anti-sway cradles to eliminate bike-to-bike contact. Another great feature of the QuickBack is its passive security system-a steel reinforced strap that goes into your trunk or hatch and prevents removal of your bike rack. The addition of a locking cable like Yakima's 7233 9' Locking Cable will give you complete bike security. You'll be hard pressed to find another strap rack that offers this level of security.

The Stacker Kayak Rack from Thule

The Thule Stacker Kayak Carrier
        Do you need to carry one or more more kayaks in the absolute smallest space possible? With the Thule 830 Kayak Stacker you can carry up to four kayaks on their sides, making the most out of your roof rack. Thule 556 Rack Pads for Car Roof RacksThe Stacker comes includes all the load straps and bow/stern tiedowns you'll need to carry one boat, so if you need to haul more than one kayak, make sure you purchase enough tiedowns for your other boats. We also recommend using Thule 556 Rack Pads to cushion your kayaks where they rest on your roof rack's crossbars.
    The Stacker features sturdy scratch-resistant steel and impact-resistant plastic construction. It will fit Thule and Yakima rack systems right out of the box, as well as most OEM factory racks. Installation on thicker crossbars may require the use of Thule's Xadapt3 longer bolt kit. The Stacker can be folded down flat when not in use to reduce wind resistance. The integrated ratcheting hinge system ensures that the Stacker is locked in position, so you'll never have to worry about your kayak racks collapsing, or having them flop around in the wind and bang on your roof.  Not only is Thule's Stacker a space-saving kayak rack with an aerodynamic design, it's also very economical. Just try and find a set of kayak saddles that can carry four boats! On second thought, don't. It would just be a huge waste of time you could better spend out on the water!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yakima's BoatLoader and Thule's Outrigger II Kayak and Canoe Load Assists

The Thule Outrigger IIThe Yakima Boatloader

nbsp;   If you've already got a kayak or canoe rack on your vehicle, but you wish lifting your boat up onto the roof wasn't quite so cumbersome, these load assist options from Yakima and Thule will help you get that boat on the roof without having to trade your existing rack for an expensive roller system. The Thule 847 Outrigger II Kayak / Canoe Rack Loader fits Thule square bar roof racks, and when not in use, the telescoping arm slides back inside the crossbar. Then the integrated load stop flips down and locks the Outrigger in place, so it'll never slide out unexpectedly and hit you in the head. Installing this might take all of three minutes. Pop off the end cap on your roof rack's load bar, slide the Outrigger II into the load bar flat side down, and tighten the retainer bolt with the included allen wrench. If you need to install an Outrigger on both sides of your vehicle, you may have to put one in the front crossbar and one in the rear if you have shorter crossbars.
    If you have a Yakima round bar base rack, the Yakima 4018 Boatloader Canoe and Kayak Side Load Assist will work like an extra set of hands, holding up one end of your boat while you lift the other onto your roof. The round load stop at the end of the BoatLoader ensures your boat won't slide off no matter how much the BoatLoader might rotate. Installation is ridiculously simple, just remove the end cap from one of your roof rack's load bars and slide the BoatLoader in place (the retainer bolt should be placed underneath the crossbar, not on top of it). Grab the included hex wrench, tighten the retainer bolt, and you're ready to go. If you're installing one on each side of your roof rack, you might not be able to install them both in the same crossbar if your bars are short. Tighten the large wingnut on the right-hand side of the BoatLoader to keep it in place inside the load bar when not in use.
    Both of these load assist options work well with kayak saddles, J style cradles, canoe carrier brackets, or kayak stackers. Just remember that these are not meant to take the place of longer load bars, so even though they will hold up your kayak or canoe while you load it, please don't use them as load bearing bars while you're on the road. That would be dangerous. We want these products to make your trips easier, so use them as recommended and they'll do just that.

Canoe Brackets from Yakima

Yakima's Gunwale Brackets
    When you want to carry a canoe on your vehicles roof rack, you know you've got a couple of options. You could just strap the boat directly to the bars really tight to prevent it from shifting side to side, and hope you don't damage the gunwales, but a better option is to use a set of canoe brackets. Yakima's 5007 Canoe Gunwale Brackets mount quickly to Yakima round bars and Thule square bars. They will also work great on a Mirage Truck Rack (just remove the "tabs" from the mounting hardware, as Mirage Racks use a slightly larger diameter crossbar than Yakima). They can be repositioned in seconds to accommodate different width canoes, or to move your boat to one side. Yakima's Gunwale Brackets feature a soft gripping surface with a rounded shape to hold your canoe gently but firmly in place. This design, coupled with their low profile, also makes loading and unloading your canoe easier. They include a pair of Yakima's Heavy Duty Straps with padded buckles to tie your boat down, but bow/stern tie downs are not included, so if you don't already have some, we definitely recommend that you grab a pair to complete your canoe rack.
Yakima's Load Stops also work well as gunwale brackets
    If you're looking for something that will do double duty as a ladder or lumber rack, or if money's tight, Yakima's 5000 Load Stops and Canoe Gunwale Brackets are just the thing. Yakima's Load Stops are perfect for keeping any load from shifting side to side on your roof, from canoes to light loads of lumber. They mount very similarly to Yakima's Gunwale Brackets, but are only compatible with round bars. They will fit on Mirage Truck Racks, but it is a very tight fit, so we would recommend use of Yakima's Gunwale brackets instead of Load Stops on a Mirage Rack whenever possible. Tiedown straps and Bow and Stern Tie Downs are not included, but are required to complete your canoe rack if you don't already have some. Just as we've come to expect from them, no matter what your load (or your budget), Yakima's got you covered.

Sport Rack's J Stacker Kayak Cradles

Sport Rack's J Stacker Kayak Carrier
    For carrying your kayak to and from the water when bar space and extra cash are in short supply, look no further than the Sport Rack abr511 Kayak Carrier J Stacker for Car Roof Racks. This J style kayak cradle set is built by Thule, and is very similar to the Thule Hull-a-Port. The mounting hardware is incredibly easy to work with, you'll only need to tighten two wingnuts on each cradle to mount the J Stacker on your Thule, Yakima, or factory installed roof rack crossbars.Thule's Xadapt3 Watersport Hardware Adapter Kit If Thule's fit guide shows that their 835 Hull-a-Port will fit your base rack, then the J Stacker will work for you as well. For thicker factory bars, the Thule Xadapt3 Adapter Kit provides longer mounting bolts(sold separately). Its space saving design takes up as little as 13" of bar space on your roof rack, giving you plenty of room to carry other gear even on top of smaller vehicles. The Sport Rack J Stacker includes everything you'll need to carry one boat, including load straps and bow/stern tiedown ropes. The J Stacker is a quality kayak rack at a great price, so if you need a new set of cradles for your boat, check it out at today!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Thule Hullavator Kayak Load Assist Roof Rack Kayak Carrier

    There are a lot of different products that make it easier to load and unload kayaks, but the Hullavator is truly in a class by itself. The Thule 897xt Hullavator Lift Assist Roof Rack Kayak Carrier uses gas struts to lift up to 90% of your boat's weight, and it can lower your kayak up to 40" from the roof of your vehicle for easy one person loading. The Hullavator gives you the same ease of use you'd experience with a trailer, but for a much smaller price tag and no bulky trailer. The Hullavator's premium padded cradles adjust to fit your kayak's width (up to 36") for a perfect fit. It can accommodate kayaks up to 75lbs. and includes heavy duty tiedown straps with padded buckles, and ratcheting bow/stern tiedown ropes. We recommend the addition of Thule's 512 Lock Cores, 2 Pack to protect your new Hullavator from theft. This won't lock your kayak, just the Hullavator. For complete kayak security, we recommend a kayak locking cable like the Lasso Kayak Security Cable.
    The Hullavator works great on Thule's square bars, aero bars, Xsporter pickup truck rack, or on Yakima's round bars, and all mounting hardware and necessary tools are included. You rack must have between 4" and 8" of bar (the same amount front and rear) protruding from the tower on the side of the vehicle where you intend to install the Hullavator. One tip we can give you to make installation much easier: at Step Five-Assemble Arm to Bar Mount in the installation instructions, it helps to pull the black lifting arm assembly away from the silver kayak cradle base and wedge a small object (perhaps a tennis ball) between the two. This will hold the arm assembly open and make it much easier to insert the hinge pin. (Just don't use an object that will scratch the Hullavator's finish, or that will be damaged by being compressed.) We do recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Hullavator instructions before you install the Hullavator on your base rack. Setting up the Hullavator is a bit more complex than most other roof mounted kayak racks, but as long as you follow the instructions and take your time, you'll have the best looking, highest performing kayak rack on your block.

Yakima's New RailGrab Towers for Factory Installed Side Rails

    Yakima has always had rock-solid options for putting crossbars on your vehicle's factory installed rails. Their LowRider and LowRider Max rack systems fit most vehicles with raised rails and the Locking EZ Rider towers fit most vehicles with flush rails. But now, Yakima has one tower system that works on both types of factory rails, the RailGrab. With the new Yakima 0138 RailGrab Towers for Railing Mounted Car Roof Racks, you can put Yakima crossbars on practically any factory installed rails, but this isn't your usual One Size "Fits" All situation. You truly get a custom fit for your rack, and if you buy a new vehicle, or you want to swap your rack between two vehicles, you'll still get a great, low-profile rack that fits like a glove regardless of factory rail type or size.
    Installing Railgrab towers won't take very long. For the front crossbar, first slide two towers onto the bar and install the end caps to keep the towers from sliding off. Then set the towers and bar onto your vehicle's rails and adjust the "claw" on the back of each tower. For most side rails the smaller claw (which comes pre-installed) is the correct choice, but if you have oversize rails you may need to swap these for the included larger claws. To adjust or remove the claws, just loosen the thumbscrew (not as painful as it sounds!), swap out the claws if necessary, slide the claw up or down to match the height of your rails, and tighten them in place. If your rails have a notch running along the inner side, you'll want to match the claws up to that notch instead of the rail's total height. Now flip the front covers down on the RailGrab towers and use the included hex wrench to tighten the black claw tightener bolt. This will secure the towers to your rails. You may need to alternate between tightening the claws and adjusting their height to get the best fit on some factory rails. Next, center the crossbar so you have an even amount of bar sticking out from either tower and tighten the silver bolt to lock the crossbar in place. Repeat this process for the rear crossbar and pat yourself on the back. You've just installed a top of the line Yakima roof rack. If you'd like even more details on setting up RailGrab towers you can download the complete RailGrab instructions straight from
    It may not be magic, but Yakima's RailGrab towers will have you saying "Pick a car, any car! And I can rack it!" Just grab a set of Yakima RoundBars to complete your roof rack, and maybe a 4 pack of Yakima SKS Lock Cores to keep your rack from "magically" disappearing, and you'll be equipped for that great weekend trip faster than you can say abracadabra!