Friday, February 27, 2009

Yakima's Hully Rollers

    Does loading your big, heavy kayak onto the roof of your vehicle make your boating trip seem more like a chore than a day at the beach? You don't need divine intervention to get that kayak up there with ease, just Yakima's Hully Rollers. Yakima 4035 Hully Rollers Kayak Cradles can take the place of standard cradles at the rear of your boat, letting your roll that kayak up and into place in seconds. Yakima's Mako SaddlesOnce your kayak is in position, the rollers can be locked in place, so you'll never have to worry about your boat making an unexpected detour. They even come with a load strap and bow/stern tiedown strap to make sure you'll have everything you need to get your kayak safely from place to place. Hully Rollers are sold in pairs, so if you don't already have saddles for the front of your boat, you'll probably want to get a set of Mako Saddles to complete your kayak rack. Yakima's Hully Rollers come with all the hardware you'll need to mount them on Yakima roundbars or Thule square bars. They can also be installed on most factory racks with Yakima's Mighty Mounts or Universal Might Mounts (sold separately.)

Thule's Top Deck Kayak Saddles

Thule's Top Deck Kayak Saddles
    If you need a complete kayak rack to get your boat to and from the water this summer, but you don't want to break the bank, take a look at Thule's 881 Top Deck Kayak Saddles. Thule's Top Deck Saddles work with most factory installed roof racks, Thule and Yakima roof racks, and the Thule Xsporter pickup truck rack. They're super easy to install, and they'll hold just about any kayak up to 75 pounds in weight and up to 36" wide. Top Deck saddles cradle most hull types quite well, but the cradles' angles are not adjustable, so they aren't recommended for kayaks with highly curved bottoms or lightweight, easily deformed hulls. The included load straps, bow/stern tiedown ropes, and integrated rubber padding on the saddles themselves ensure your kayak stays in place, whether you're going across town or across country.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The ShowBoat Kayak and Canoe Roller System from Yakima

    The Yakima 4040 ShowBoat Slide-Out Roller System beats all other kayak and canoe roller systems hands down. It's wide enough to load two boats side by side (without having to buy two sets of rollers!) fits on almost any roof rack, and it supports up to half of your boat's weight. The ShowBoat slides out up to 34" over the rear of your vehicle, so you won't have to worry about scraping your boat across your roof. When you're done loading your boat, just slide the ShowBoat back in out of the way and flip the two red safety latches back to lock the ShowBoat in place.Yakima 66" Round Bars are required to complete the ShowBoat. The ShowBoat requires a pair of Yakima round bars for use as the telescoping poles that support the roller. For most vehicles we recommend the Yakima 0410 66" Round bars . The bars are sold separately because the bar length required varies depending on your vehicle.  It mounts to round, square, and most factory installed roof rack crossbars. The ShowBoat is a great accessory for any kayak or canoe rack, and it really lets you save your energy and get your exercise paddling out on the water, instead of weight-training with your boat!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thule's Set-to-Go Kayak Saddles

Thule's Set-to-Go Kayak Saddles
    Looking for kayak saddles that gently cradle the hull, but hold it in place with an iron grip? Look no further than the Thule 878xt Set-To-Go Roof Rack Kayak Saddles. The cradles feature a soft, rubbery gripping surface for a strong, stable hold and maximum hull protection. Set-to-Go saddles have three pivot point per saddle to allow the gripping surface to conform to your kayak's hull with ease. Set-to-Go saddles are sold in pairs, so you'll need to pick up  two pairs for your kayak. Or you could also put a set Thule's 875xt HydroGlide Kayak Saddles in back for easier loading and unloading, since the Set-to-Go saddles don't lend themselves to sliding a kayak in from the back that well.
    Each pair of Set-to-Go saddles includes a load strap with padded buckle, a ratcheting bow/stern tiedown, and all the mounting hardware. They fit quite nicely on square bars, round bars, Thule's aero bars, and many factory installed roof racks. Thule's Set-to-Go saddles are rated to carry kayaks measuring up to 36" wide and weighing up to 75 pounds. (Of course, if your rack is rated for less than 75 pounds, don't exceed that lower weight rating.)

Yakima's Mako and MakoAero Saddles Kayak Cradles

Yakima's Mako SaddlesYakima's MakoAero Saddles
    Carrying a kayak "flat" on a set of kayak saddles is really the way to go if you want to baby your boat. This is especially true with newer lightweight kayaks, as carrying them up on their sides could deform the hull. Yakima's Mako Saddles make it easy carry your boat, with thick felt pads on the cradles that cushion the hull and make it easy to slide your boat up onto the roof.  Special inset rubber pads grip the hull when you tighten the load straps for a firm but gentle hold on your kayak. Mako saddles are curved to fit most hull types, and are sold in pairs. Yakima's Hully RollersTwo pairs of saddles are required for each kayak, so you can use Mako saddles for both the front and back, or you can pair them with Yakima's Hully Rollers to make loading your kayak even easier. Each pair of Mako Saddles includes one load strap with padded cam buckle, one BowStern tiedown strap, and all necessary mounting hardware. Yakima's 4037 Mako Saddles Kayak Cradles will mount to round or square bars right out of the box, and may be locked to your roof rack with Yakima's Accessory Lock Housings and SKS Lock Cores (both sold separately.) The Yakima 4044 Mako Aero Saddles Kayak Cradles are designed to fit round, square, and most factory installed crossbars, and each pair of MakoAero Saddles can be locked with a 2 Pack of SKS Lock Cores (not included.) TracRac has also confirmed that the Mako Aero Saddles are compatible with their truck and van rack systems. This is great news, as TracRac's kayak cradles have been unavailable for some time now. So if you'd like some kayak cradles that'll bite onto your boat like a shark on a steak, but without taking big chunks out of your boat (or your wallet), grab yourself some Mako Saddles today and head out onto the water. Don't just take our word for these demonstrations of Yakima's Mako Saddles and see for yourself!

Mako Saddles for Yakima and Thule Roof Racks

MakoAero Saddles for Factory Roof Racks

Hull-a-Port PRO J Style Kayak Carriers From Thule

The Hull-a-Port PRO folding J style kayak carrier from Thule.
    J style kayak racks are becoming much more popular now as vehicles keep get smaller and more streamlined. Smaller vehicles usually get better gas mileage, so instead of hitting our heads on crossbars that stick out a foot on either side, we get smaller roof racks. Carrying several boats on a smaller roof rack is much easier with a J style rack like the Thule 835pro Hull-a-port Kayak Rack. Not only will the Hull-a-Port PRO maximize the available space on your roof, it'll even help reduce gas mileage and wind noise by folding down flat when you're not carrying a kayak. It comes with all the straps and tiedowns you'll need to carry one kayak, and the load strap "buckle bumpers" and padded cradles ensure your kayak's hull will stay in pristine condition. Rust-resistant, heavy duty steel tubing and hardware mean the Hull-a-Port PRO will give you years of worry-free operation.
    The Hull-a-Port PRO is easy to load and unload, with a centrally located locking lever to fold and unfold the cradle. A strap holder at the top of the cradle allows you to put the load straps in place before you load the kayak, so you won't have to reach up and over the boat to tie it down. Installation should only take a couple of minutes. All you have to do is stick the mounting bolts down through the bottom of the cradles (you may need to pull the rubber cushion a bit to the side), set them on the bars, and attach the mounting plates underneath the crossbars with the included wingnuts. The Hull-a-Port PRO kayak rack installs easily on square bars, round bars, Thule aero bars, and most factory racks. For mounting on the Thule Xsporter, or on factory racks with thicker crossbars, Thule's Xadapt3 Hull-a-Port Adapter Kit provides longer mounting bolts.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

RockyMounts Lariat SL and SLX Bike Trays for Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes

Rocky MountsThe RockyMounts Lariat Fork Mount Bike Tray

    The Rocky Mounts Lariat Fork Mount Bike Tray is an excellent balance of functionality and price. While significantly less expensive than bike trays from Thule and Yakima, the Lariat fits on their roof racks like a glove. The head is a rugged, low profile cast metal unit and features a long throw, stainless steel quick release skewer. The head is attached to the front crossbar using tamper-resistant bolts. For additional anti-theft security, you can add a Rocky Mounts Lock Core to the skewer.
    The Lariat is available in two sizes. The Lariat SL has a 43" long aluminum tray and is designed to hold road bikes and mountain bikes with tires up to 2.3" wide. The larger Lariat SLX has a 45" long aluminum tray designed to hold mountain bikes with tires up to 3" wide.  The RockyMounts Disc Brake AdapterThe Lariat SL is compatible with some disc brakes, the SLX is not. So if you need the wide tray, or your disc brakes refuse to "play nice" with the slimmer SL tray, grab the Rocky Mounts Disc Brake Adapter. This kit lets you convert either version of the Lariat tray to a disc brake's best friend. The Rocky Mounts Lariat SL and the Rocky Mounts Lariat SLX will mount to Thule square bar racks and Yakima round bar racks. They will not, however, fit on factory racks or on Thule's aero bar racks.

The Yakima Boa Bicycle Carrier for Car Roof Racks

The Yakima Boa Short Tray Fork Mount Bike Carrier
    If you're looking for a basic fork mount bicycle carrier at a great price, the Yakima 2065 Boa Bicycle Carrier for Car Roof Racks is  the rack for you. Just like a real boa constrictor, once the Yakima Boa's quick release skewer gets a grip on your bike, it's not going anywhere. It uses the same rugged plastic head unit as the Copperhead, with a universal skewer that can be locked with one SKS Lock Core (not included.) Instead of a long tray like that on most fork mounts, the Boa  has a short plastic rear tray that will allow the rear wheel to be attached to the rear crossbar on your roof rack. You do have to be careful though, because in order for this bike rack to work properly, the distance between your bike's front fork rear wheel must be within a few inches of the distance between the bars on your roof rack. The Boa can be safely mounted on racks whose crossbars are between 32" and 50" apart, so if your roof rack has a shorter or longer span the Boa will not work at all. Also, if you use two Boas at once, both bikes will need to be roughly the same length; if they have different wheel spans, two Boas most likely will not work. The Yakima Boa will fit on Yakima round bars or Thule square bars, and installation is a breeze. Tighten a few bolts with the included Allen wrench on the front, tighten a wing nut on the back, and you're ready to go!

Thule's 558p Bike Carrier for Tandems and Recumbents

The Thule 558p Pivoting Tandem Bicycle Carrier
    The Thule 558p Tandem Bike Carrier for Roof Racks offers a safe way to carry your tandem or recumbent bike around town or across the country. This bike mount features a swiveling head that allows you to attach the fork to the skewer without having to lift the whole bike on top of your rack. Once the fork is in place, just lift the rear wheel up onto the tray and strap it down. The Thule Tandem bicycle tray mounts directly to Yakima round bars or Thule square bars, but is not compatible with Thule aero bars, the Xsporter, or factory racks. Also, a minimum of 22” between the front and back bars is required to mount the Tandem to your roof rack. The only tool required for installation is a 1/2" wrench (not included.) for added security, the use of Thule's 538 Cable Lock with the Tandem carrier is highly recommended, as the Tandem carrier does not have any built-in locking functionality. Though the lack of a locking feature is an inconvenience, the 558p Tandem Bicycle Carrier is an otherwise fine fork mount that will give you years of dependable service.

The Thule Sidarm Upright Bike Carrier

The Thule 594 Sidearm

    If you’re looking for a top quality upright mount, look no further than the Thule 594 Side Arm Upright Bicycle Carrier. A perfect match for odd frame styles or carbon-fiber frames, the SideArm adjusts to clamp on to the front tire in front of the fork on the bike. This rugged rack will accommodate any wheel size from 20-29", and loading a bike can take as little as 30 seconds.
    The SideArm comes pre-assembled for passenger side mounting, but the SideArm instructions give full details on reversing the mechanism for mounting on the driver's side. The only tricky part of mounting the SideArm to your roof rack is getting some of the carriage bolts through the baseplate on the side where the arm is located. Just follow the instructions on removing the baseplate, inserting the bolts, and reinstalling the base plate, and you'll do fine. The SideArm includes all the hardware you need to mount it on round or square bars. For mounting on Thule aero bars or a Thule Xsporter, a Thule Xadapt kit is needed. Two lock cylinders are required if you want added security. (One lock secures the SideArm to your roof rack, the other locks the bike to the SideArm.) Still have questions about the SideArm? Do you already have a SideArm but you're having trouble installing it? Give us a ring at 1-800-272-5362 and let us share our expertise with you.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Yakima's Raptor and Raptor Aero Upright Bicycle Carriers

The Yakima 2093 Raptor Aero Upright Bicycle Carrier
    The Yakima 2085 Raptor Upright Bicycle Carrier and the Yakima 2093 Raptor Aero Upright Bicycle Carrier are bicycle trays that have stood the test of time. While the Raptor has undergone a few small improvements over time, the same basic design has been in use for many years, and it's a great choice for anyone who wants a dependable, no-frills upright bike carrier. Its long tray holds almost any length bicycle (except tandems and recumbents), and the down tube clamping arm accepts most common frame types. This clamping system may not work on some odd shaped frames, and is not recommended for use with carbon fiber frames (you wouldn't want the clamp to deform your carbon fiber frame).
    Loading a bike onto the Raptor is easy. Just loosen the big red knob on the clamp a few turns, line the bike up in the tray, tighten the clamp back up, and strap the wheels down. The standard Raptor fits round and square bars, and can be adapted to many factory racks with Yakimas Mighty Mounts. The Raptor Aero comes with Yakima's Universal Mighty Mount hardware, and fits round, square, and most factory racks right out of the box. The Raptor can be locked with one SKS Lock Core (sold separately). On round and square bars this also locks the tray to your roof rack when a bike is loaded. To lock the tray to your factory bars, you can use Yakima's 7220 Accessory Lock Housings. (The bars on many factory racks aren't locked with a key, though, so Accessory Locks may not be much help in those cases.)

Thule Cargo Boxes-Now Shipped Right To Your Doorstep

The Thule 668es Frontier Roof Top Cargo BoxThe Thule 685xt Atlantis 1200 Roof Top Cargo Box
    Many of us have had that bad road trip. You know the one. Where you can't see anything through the rear-view mirror because of all the gear crammed into the back seat. Half of the seats are folded down to make room for skis. None of us want to go through that again. A Thule Cargo Box is a great way to increase your vehicle's cargo space, and now you can have one shipped right to you from The Rack Warehouse.
    You may have checked out Thule cargo boxes online at before, and found that they were available for in-store purchase only. The reason for this was that freight costs were quite high, and we did not fell it reasonable to expect our customers to pay such high shipping fees. But we have been working together with freight companies to significantly reduce these costs, and we are happy to be able to pass these savings on to you. We can now ship Thule cargo boxes anywhere in the contiguous 48 states (sorry, we still do not ship cargo boxes to Alaska or Hawaii).
The t602 Thule Ascent 1100    So whether you need a small roof top box like the Ascent 1100 for carrying a few pairs of skis, or a big 21 cubic foot box like the Atlantis 2100 to carry everything but the kitchen sink, we can have it delivered to you in in 3-5 business days. The t688xt Atlantis 2100, shown in silver.Expedited shipping is not available for cargo boxes, so if you order one online, please choose "UPS Ground" as your shipping method during checkout. (Even though your cargo box will be shipped via freight truck, not UPS, we will charge you the lower UPS Ground rate.) If you have any questions, or would prefer place an order over the phone, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-272-5362. We'll be happy answer any questions you might have.

Thule's 2009 Catalog is out!

Thule's 2009 Catalog
    Thule's new 2009 catalog is out, so you can finally sneak a peak at some exciting new Thule rack products like the Helium ultra light aluminum hitch rack. You can fill out the 2009 Thule catalog request form on Thule's website and have one sent right to you. Of course, if you'd rather not wait for it to arrive in the mail, you can view the 2009 Thule catalog online as well.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The SteelHead Fork Mount Bike Tray from Yakima

The Yakima SteelHead Fork Mount Bike Carrier
    Just like the name says, the Yakima 2045 SteelHead Bicycle Carrier for Car Roof Racks has an all steel head unit that's built to last. It's aerodynamic design not only looks good, it increases stability, which is great for those long trips. It's not compatible with disc brakes, though, so if your bike has disc brakes you may want to check out the Yakima 2098 ForkLift. The SteelHead will carry any size bike except for recumbent and tandem models. The SteelHead is a prefect fit for Yakima aficionados, and mounting it to your Yakima roof rack is a breeze. This model only fits Yakima round bars, so if you have a different brand rack you'll want to look at a different bike rack. Once you've mounted the SteelHead to your rack, just make sure the skewer's security peg is lined up with the corresponding hole in the fork block while threading the adjustment knob onto the skewer. After it’s installed it's smooth sailing down the road.

Thule's Criterium Upright Bike Carrier

The Thule Criterium Upright Bike Carrier
   Thule’s 598 Criterium Upright Bicycle - Bike Carrier for Roof Racks is a nice step up from the Big Mouth. The clamping arm features a turn dial tightening knob that allows for down tubes up to 3 3/8” in diameter. This upright roof rack mounted bike rack will work with nearly any bicycle, regardless of frame style. Two lock cylinders are recommended for complete locking security on this model. One lock cylinder secures the bike to the carrier, and the other will secure the carrier to your roof rack. This rack requires only a small amount of assembly. Just follow the Criterium installation instructions and make sure to put the correct length t-bolt in their corresponding places.The Thule 532 Ride On Adapter No tools are needed installation. The Criterium will work on round, square, and Thule aero bars. For mounting on aero bars, a Thule's Xadapt8 adapter hardware package is needed. The Criterium can also be adapted to fit on most factory installed roof racks with the Thule 532 Ride-On Bike Adapter.

The Yakima SprocketRocket

Yakima's SprocketRocket Fork Mount Bike Carrier
    The Yakima 2090 Sprocket Rocket Bicycle Carrier for Car Roof Racks is Yakima’s latest design in fork mount bike racks, and they've spared no expense on style and security. Like the HighRoller, this model has a tough, double wall wheel tray that's as easy on the eyes as it is to operate. The rear wheel strap assembly slides smoothly on the tray for quick, one-hand adjustment to your bike's wheelbase. The head unit is rugged, powder coated steel, and the stainless steel skewer employs an integrated tensioning knob you can adjust with one hand. The skewer tension adjustment knob is normally hidden beneath a flip-up lockable steel cover, so the addition of one SKS Lock Core (sold seperately) gives you the best security available in a fork mount bike carrier. The SprocketRocket accommodates fat or skinny tires, as well as most disc brake types.
    Installation is simple. The head unit hinges open and closes around your roof rack's crossbar, and is tightened in place when you push down the red switch on top of the head. The skewer slides through both halves of the head unit, for complete security when your skewer is locked. For the rear, a Yakima SnapAround wraps around the crossbar and is connected to the tray with a bolt and wingnut. The SprocketRocket is compatible with Yakima round bars and Thule square bars, and all mounting hardware is included. For even more info, you can download the complete SprocketRocket instructions, or watch the following demonstration of the Yakima Sprocket Rocket.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Echelon Fork Mount Bike Carrier From Thule

The Thule 518 Echelon Fork Mount Bike Carrier
    The 518 Echelon Roof Rack Mounted Bike Carrier is Thule's premium fork mount bike tray. This model features a reinforced double wall wheel tray and all steel head unit for unparalleled strength and stability. Utilizing Thule's new Equalized Twin Cam clamping system, the Echelon holds your bicycle's fork with an iron grip. The center mounted skewer adjustment dial allows you to adjust the skewer tension with one hand. Adding a Thule lock core (not included) to the Echelon gives you complete security, as the steel head unit closes over the adjustment dial and mounting hardware.
    Not only is the Echelon built to last, its streamlined design and aluminum tray look great. Installation is simple, even if you're not mechanically inclined. Just grab the included allen wrench and the instructions and you'll be done in no time. The Echelon mounts directly to square or round bars, and with the addition of Thule's Xadapt 9 adapter kit, the echelon can also be mounted to Thule's aero bar racks or Xsporter. The wheel tray accepts tire sizes up to 2.6 inches in width, and the head will accept nearly any disc brake/suspension fork combo made. The Echelon demonstrates exactly the type of quality we've all come to expect from Thule.

Thule's Big Mouth Upright Bicycle Carrier

The Thule 599xtr Big Mouth Upright Bike Carrier
    The Thule 599xtr Big Mouth Upright Bike Carrier is the staple in Thule’s line of bike racks. Easily the most popular model, the Big Mouth provides a self adjusting clamp to grab hold of the diagonal down tube on the frame of your bike. It can be used with a tube as big as 3 1/8” in diameter. Better still, the Big Mouth can be mounted for access from either side of the vehicle, and the handle which operates the down tube clamp is at the bottom of the clamping arm, meaning you won't need a stepladder to load and release your bike! Both wheels are strapped down to the tray. It works quite well with kids bikes. This model is great for driving around town or across country, and with such fast and easy loading and its great price, it's not hard to see why this has become one of Thule's best selling bike trays.
    If you'd like to leave your bicycle unattended without worrying about somebody stealing it, the Big Mouth has you covered. Just pop in one Thule lock core (sold separately) and you can lock the clamp to your bike's down tube. This also locks the tray to your roof rack.  Installation has a few more steps in this model than some others. The Big Mouth comes set up to mount on the passenger side of your vehicle, but if you need to mount it on the driver's side, just follow the instructions for moving the clamp assembly to the other end of the tray.  Then follow the pictures in the manual on how the mounting hardware is put together. The Big Mouth mounts directly to  square and round bars right out of the box. If you have a Thule aero bar rack or an Xsporter, you will need Thule's Xadapt2 Adapter Kit to mount the Big Mouth.

The Thule Peloton Fork Mount Bike Tray

Thule's 517 Peloton Fork Mount Bike Carrier For Roof Racks
    The Thule 517 Peloton Roof Rack Mounted Bike Carrier is one of the more popular bike racks sold by Thule. This bike tray features a hard plastic head unit with one finger skewer adjustment, and it's compatible with disc brakes and suspension forks. The rear wheel tray is a super stiff double wall design for maximum strength and stability, and the sleek black finish looks great on any vehicle. Security for the Peloton is is accomplished with one Thule lock core, which is within easy reach from either side of the tray. When locked, the fork of the bike is locked to the skewer and it prevents anyone from taking the Peloton off the bar rack as well. (Lock cylinders do have to be purchased separately however.) A hex-key wrench is provided and is the only tool needed for installation. The Peloton will work on round, square, and Thule aero bars. For the aero bars, a Thule Xadapt kit is needed. Before you install this bad boy, decide whether the rear wheel strap needs to be in front of the rear mounting hardware or behind it. It all depends on how far apart your bars are from each other. Also, if you have a hatchback or wagon, be careful when opening the door. On some roof racks the hatch may hit the end of the tray. If this happens to you, you may be able to move your roof rack forward, or try mounting the tray facing the backwards.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yakima Aquires RACKandROLL Trailers

RACKandROLL Trailers by Yakima
RACKandROLL Trailer, shown towing kayaks
    If you've ever seen a RACKandROLL trailer out on the road, you know you want one. With a sleek, corrosion resistant aluminum frame, alloy wheels, and impressive motorcycle suspension, what's not to love? Not to mention all the benefits of a roof rack with virtually none of the lifting! These trailers have always been of the highest quality, and with Yakima's recent acquisition of RACKandROLL™, LLC (, things can only get better.
The RACKandROLL trailer stores easily just about anywhere.    Reinforcing their commitment to enable more consumers to experience the Yakima brand of innovative cargo management solutions, Yakima Products Inc. announced January 19th their acquisition of RACKandROLL™, LLC, a manufacturer of high performance multi-sport trailers based in Frederick, Maryland. Appealing to multi-sport outdoor enthusiasts, paddlers, cyclists and family campers, Yakima RACKandROLL™ trailers and accessories will enable consumers to apply Yakima’s broad line of top of car gear management solutions for transporting kayaks, bikes, camping equipment and other cargo to high performance multi-sport trailers. With the addition of trailers to its existing line of premium cargo management equipment offerings, Yakima provides consumers with the most innovative, smart choices for carrying their outdoor gear. The trailers, branded Yakima RACKandROLL, will be sold through RACKandROLL’s existing distribution and current Yakima dealers effective immediately.

Full locking security, a carrying handle, what doesn't this trailer have?

    "We continually strive to bring the smartest cargo management solutions to market to meet the needs of paddlers, cyclists, campers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking the easiest ways to transport their gear," said Jerry Heinlen, CEO of Yakima. "RACKandROLL trailers are an excellent fit with the Yakima brand, our consumers, our customers, and our business model. Adding RACKandROLL to our Yakima family enables us to immediately provide more solutions to every consumer segment we serve... A lightweight trailer big enough to carry all your gear.Significant synergies in manufacturing and distribution between RACKandROLL trailers and current Yakima product offerings will allow us to integrate this new business quickly. Most important, the new Yakima RACKandROLL line of trailers clearly supports Yakima’s position as the premium brand in the cargo management equipment category and gives our customers and business partners new ways to grow their business in 2009 and beyond."
    Here at the Rack Warehouse, we believe RACKand ROLL's customer service will rise to even greater heights under Yakima's care. With Yakima's extensive experience in the manufacture and distribution of high quality gear management systems, we expect fewer shipping delays and greater product availability on RACKandROLL trailers and accessories than ever before.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Yakima 2091 High Roller Upright Bicycle Carrier

    Like the name says, the Yakima 2091 High Roller Upright Bicycle Carrier is Yakima's high end upright bike carrier. While somewhat similar in design to the King Cobra, the HighRoller has a sleeker look, with a durable gray automotive finish that's a great match for any color vehicle. The Yakima HighRoller Upright Bike CarrierIt sports a beefy double-wall wheel tray (similar to the SprocketRocket) with an easily adjustable sliding rear wheel strap that can be operated from either side of the vehicle. The HighRoller accepts bikes with tire sizes from 20" to 29". Another feature that makes this bike rack stand out from the crowd is the custom-molded covers that go over the mounting hardware in the front, giving the HighRoller a clean, aerodynamic look while keeping thieves snatching your bike tray.This rack is very easy to use, with large red release button and fine adjustment knob to cinch down the front wheel, and integrated locking cable for complete locking security (one SKS lock core is recommended, sold seperately). Yakima's Horizontal Mighty Mounts for Factory CrossbarsThis rack comes complete out of the box and is a quick, tool free install, requiring only minor assembly. The HighRoller fits Yakima and Thule roof racks, and may be adapted to fit many factory racks with Yakima's Mighty Mounts.

The Yakima 2084 King Cobra Upright Bike Tray

    The Yakima 2084 King Cobra Upright Bicycle Carrier is the answer to fitting any bike regardless of wheel size and frame style. This roof mounted bike rack has a frame that grabs the front wheel of the bike, while the rear wheel is strapped down to the tray. This is one of the fastest bike racks you can get when it comes to mounting your bike. Just set the bike up there, bring the frames around the front wheel, strap the back wheel and literally within a minute you are set and ready to drive off. An integrated cable lock wraps around the frame of the bike and simltaneously locks the bike tray to your roof rack (cable lock requires one SKS lock core, sold seperately).  When not is use it folds down for a lower profile, so with most garages clearance isn’t an issue. Just remember to take your bikes off before you go into that garage!

The Yakima Viper Roof Rack Mounted Bike Rack

   You can tell they put a lot of thought and effort into making the Yakima 2000 Viper Fork Mounted Bicycle Rack. This is Yakima’s first disc brake compatible roof rack mounted bike rack. When you look at this carrier the first thing that stands out is the beefed up skewer. They went to extremes on this one to make sure no thief would waste their time on it. The Viper is also great because it will work on Yakima round bars or Thule square bars and also has the advantage of having an all metal head unit as well. Pop the bike carrier on to the rack, clamp down the red lever, and slide the skewer in and your done. No hassles, no worries.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tips For Installing A Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

    Before you consider buying a hitch receiver mounted bike rack, you'll probably need to know what size receiver you have. If the size isn't printed somewhere on the receiver, you can measure it quite easily. Just grab a tape measure or ruler, remove the protective cap (if you have one) from the end of your receiver, and measure the space between the walls of the receiver. Whether you measure left-to-right or top-to-bottom won't matter-the measurement will be the same.
    The standard sizes of hitch receivers are 2" or 1 1/4". If your measurement is just under one of these two measurements you may have to remove rust or road grit from your receiver. Before you go searching for tools, try removing the build-up with your finger; sometimes the gunk comes out pretty easily. If that doesn't work you may need to use sandpaper or a metal file. You could also use a flat head screwdriver to chip and scrape the rust from a receiver. To help keep your receiver rust and dirt free after you've cleaned it up, make sure you place the protective cap over the open end when you're not using it. If you don't have a cap for your hitch, you can usually pick up a replacement cap wherever you had your receiver installed. Also, spraying the inside of your receiver with a little silicone spray will help prevent corrosion and keep your bike rack from getting stuck in a rusty receiver.
    The setup of a hitch mounted bike rack varies from model to model. For most hitch racks this involves bolting the tongue assembly (the part that slides into your vehicles' hitch receiver) to mast assembly (the upright post). Some models may also need to have the bike arm assembly bolted to the mast, but most come pre-assembled. Tray style hitch racks take slightly more assembly, as each tray must be bolted in place individually. The only tool needed for assemly is usually an adjustable wrench.

Kayak Carrying Systems and Load Assist Options

    Are you ready for spring yet? Pretty soon it'll be kayak season again, so it's time to start thinking about how you're going to get your kayaks down to the water. If your vehicle has a roof rack, all you need now are some kayak saddles...or J-racks...or foam pads...or rollers... Actually, there are a lot of options, so why not read on and decide which kayak racks best suit your needs?

Kayak Carriers for Roof Racks and Pickup Truck Racks
Yakima's Bowdown Folding J-Style Kayak CradlesThule's Hull-A-Port Pro Folding J-Style Kayak Cradles
Yakima kayak saddles mounted directly to a Mirage Truck Rack.Kayak Saddles on Thule's GoalPost Hitch Mounted Kayak and Canoe Carrier
    First off, you'll want to decide how many kayaks you'll need to carry at once. Kayak saddles are a great way to carry your boatThule Set-To-Go Kayak Saddles flat on its bottom, and may be paired with rollers in the back to make loading your kayak easier. This is the perfect way to carry lighter kayaks to avoid deforming the hull. Most factory installed roof racks are only wide enough to carry one kayak this way. This also applies to racks on smaller vehicles, so you may want to consider J-style kayak cradles instead.
    J-style kayak cradles carry your boat up at an angle, so they take up a lot less space on your roof rack. Most roof racks can hold at least two kayaks this way. Depending on the length of your roof rack's bars (and its weight capacity) you may be able to fit three or more kayaks at a time with J-style cradles. Loading the center kayak(s) will be more difficult this way, as you'll need to lift the kayak over the outermost cradles.
    Rather than mounting several sets of J-style cradles to your roof rack to carry several boats, consider kayak stackers.Yakima's Kayak Stackers Available from Thule and Yakima, these stackers are rated to carry up to four kayaks at a time! They only come with enough tiedown straps necessary for one boat, so if you'll need to pick up more tiedown straps and bow and stern tiedowns to carry two or more kayaks.
Use Yakima's Hully Rollers in place of the rear saddles for easy loading.    For those of us who'd rather get our workout paddling instead of struggling to lift our kayaks up onto the roof, there are plenty of different load assist options available. For kayak saddles, you could slide the boat on from the rear of the vehicle. A rolling system like Yakima's Hully Rollers makes this much easier. If the rear crossbar on your roof rack is too far forward to make regular rollers practical, Yakima's ShowBoat Slide-Out Roller System can be telescoped out from the rear crossbar to load and unload your boats. Other loading options include extension arms for Thule and Yakimas roof racks which slide out from the end of the crossbar, allowing you to rest one end of kayak on the extension while lifting the other end into your kayak cradles.
    The most innovative load assist by far is Thule's 897xt Hullavator Lift Assist Roof Rack Kayak Carrier. The Hullavator Kayak Lift Assist from ThuleThe Hullavator is a complete kayak carrying solution for one kayak, integrating padded kayak cradles with pneumatic struts which do most of the lifting for you. If you would like to see a video demonstrating the Thule Hullavator, click on the image at left.
    If you have a pickup truck or SUV, and would like to carry longer kayaks than your roof rack would normally allow, a hitch mounted T-bar may be just what you've been looking for. Yakima's DryDock Hitch Mounted Canoe and Kayak RackYakima's DryDock and Thule's GoalPost both allow you to mount a standard crossbar on your hitch, and both are height adjustable. This setup allows you to utilize standard kayak cradles while giving you a stable, secure mount for longer boats. The Fulton Hitch Mount Canoe Loader is a similar system with a shorter, swiveling crossbarFulton Hitch Mount Canoe Carrier to help load the boat. While designed to carry canoes upside-down on their gunwales, you could also use it to carry a kayak. The swiveling rear mount makes one person loading and unloading of a boat much easier. Standard kayak cradles won't fit on the Fulton Canoe Loader though, so if your kayak's hull is fiberglass or is otherwise easily dented, we wouldn't recommend it, as you would need to strap the kayak directly to the rear crossbar.
    If you'd like to check out kayak carrying optinons in more detail, head on over to We stock everything you need to get your boats out of your garage and out on the water.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bicycle Racks For Pick-Up Trucks

    Pickups are great for getting just about anything from Point A to Point B. Sand, lumber, appliances, you name it. But they're also great for carrying all your weekend gear, too. Most pickup truck have more than enough space in the bed to carry two or three bicycles, but without a way to secure your bicycles, both the bed and the bicycles end up getting scratched and dented. Here at The Rack Warehouse, we have plenty of Bicycle Racks for Pick-up Trucks.

Tailgate Mounted Bike Racks
Yakima's Beddy Joe 2 Bike Fork Mount CarrierThe Thule Thule Insta-Gater Pick Up Truck Bike Rack
    Thule and Yakima both offer bike racks which can be mounted to your truck's tailgate in seconds. The Thule 501 Insta-Gater, Pick-up Truck Bicycle Rack holds one bicycle by the front tire and can be locked with on Thule Lock Core. The Yakima 1116 Beddy Joe Pick-up Truck Bed Mounted Bike Rack carries two bikes by the front forks (a cable lock is recommended for full locking security.) Both racks provide a strong, stable mount for your bikes while protecting your truck's bed. No tools are required for installation, just run the included straps up underneath the tailgate between the hinges and you're ready to go!

Truck Bed Mounted Bicycle Racks
Thule's Bed Rider 2 Bike Pick-up Truck Rack
    Unlike many truck bed mounted bike carriers, the Thule 822 Bed Rider Pick-up Truck Bicycle Rack requires no drilling. The Bed Rider utilizes a locking, pressure-mounted bar with rubberized gripping surfaces, providing a stable, scratch free bike mount. The Bed Rider carries up to two bikes by the front fork. Thule's BR1 Bed Rider Bicycle Truck Rack Add-On Fork Block can be added on to the Bed Rider for carrying more than two bikes. We recommend using a cable lock to lock your bikes to the Bed Rider.
Yakima's 1133 Locking Bedhead Fork Mount Bicycle Carrier    Most fork block for pick-up truck beds have to be bolted on. If you'd rather not drill through your new truck's bed, try out the Yakima 1132 BedHead Pick-up Truck Clamp-on Bicycle Carrier, or the Locking BedHead pictured at right. These fork blocks clamp onto your truck's bed rail, giving you a great fork mount for your bicycle without having to permanently mount it to your truck.
    For those of us who do want to bolt a fork block to our pick-up truck's bed or bed rail, there are several different fork blocks toRocky Mounts' 9mm Locking Bolt On Fork Mount choose from. The Rocky Mount 9mm Clutch Bolt-On Fork Mount, Yakima's BlockHead, and the Thule 821 Low Rider Fork Block Bicycle Mount are all high quality fork blocks with rugged 9mm  skewers. Yakima and Rocky Mounts also offer locking versions as well, and all of these fork mount carriers are compatible with bike cable locks. Mounting hardware is not included.

Truck Rack Mounted Bike Racks
TracRac's BikeMountThe BikeMount works with any TracRac Truck Rack
        If you already have a truck bed rack on your pick-up, you may already have the makings of a great bike carrying system. Fork blocks can be mounted to base rails on any Mirage Truck Rack.The TracRac BikeMount can be attached to the bed rails or crossbars of any TracRack truck rack (including the T-Rac clamp on models without bed rails.) Mirage Truck Racks can also be fitted with fork blocks on the rails.Bike Trays can be mounted to Thule's Xsporter AluminumTruck Rack.
Xadapt kits will    If you have the Thule Xsporter, then Thule's allow you to mount most Thule bicycle trays to the crossbars (depending on crossbar spread, of course.)

    I don't know about you, but all this thinking about bicycles is making me want to get out there and enjoy the fresh air. If you still don't have a bike mount for your truck, go check some out at If you've got a bike mount already, what are you waiting for? Get out there and ride!