Thursday, February 9, 2012

TracRac Cantilever Extension - Now Approved For Clamp-On Racks

The TracRac Cantilever Extension

    TracRac has just announced that they officially approve the use of their cantilever extension on the TracRac T-Rac G2 and TracONE Clamp on truck rack systems. The cantilever extension adds increased stability for longer loads, but its use was previously limited to the full TracRac Sliding Truck Rack System. Unless you didn't mind voiding your warranty, that is. But TracRac's engineers have finished a new round of performance testing on the newer G2 designs, and they've given the green light to mounting the TracRac Cantilever Extension on the clamp-on truck racks. You'll still want to keep your loads evenly balanced front-to-back (and don't exceed your rack's or truck's weight rating), but it's nice to know you can carry all the ladders and lumber you need without sacrificing your warranty.

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