Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Pitchfork Low Profile Bike Tray from RockyMounts

The RockyMounts Pitchfork fork-mount bicycle carrier
    The new Pitchfork fork mounted roof top bike carrier from Rocky Mounts brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "low profile". Although the Pitchfork is only about an inch and a half tall, its tubular aluminum tray is 40% stronger and 2 inches longer (45") than previous tray designs, giving you more tray with less wind noise. The long-throw quick release skewer and rear tire ratcheting strap will hold your bike like a champ, whether you've got a road bike or a mountain bike with fat tires (up to 2.7 inches). The Pitchfork sports a unique dual-locking design. Rocky Mounts Single Lock Core with KeyBy locking the skewer with one Rocky Mounts Lock Core both your bike and the tray are locked to your roof rack. For even greater security, you can also install a second lock core to secure the tray to your rack even when the skewer isn't locked. The Pitchfork roof mounted bicycle carrier fits Yakima roundbars and Thule square bars (all mounting hardware is included) and comes with a one year warranty.