Tuesday, June 4, 2019

With a 500 pound carrying capacity and two tiers of load bars to space out your gear, Yakima's new EasyRider High Trailer can easily handle all of your outdoor needs - and all at the same time! The 8008129 EasyRider High will allow you to carry your fishing kayaks, recreational kayaks, canoes, or even light loads of construction and yard materials at waist or chest height - eliminating the need to lift these awkward items onto your roof rack. Plus, your gear is always in sight for added piece-of-mind while traveling. The EasyRider will carry kayaks and canoes up to 19 feet long, and heavy boats are no problem with a 350 pound rating on the top tier bars and a 500 pound overall carrying capacity. A wide range of accessories from Yakima (and other brands) are compatible with the EasyRider's 78" HD crossbars, and Yakima SkyRise rooftop tents can be mounted to the top crossbars in conjunction with the 8008127 TentKit. The EasyRider's large tires and shocks will give your gear a smooth ride even at highway speeds, and the sturdy, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame makes the trailer lightweight and manuverable. The included kickstand and tongue-mounted carry handle make moving the trailer simple, and the folding tongue makes storage a breeze. The EasyRider SpareTire Kit is highly recommended to help prepare you for the unexpected.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Thule's new premium 9025xt Apex XT 4 bike hanging trailer hitch mounted bike carrier sports a sleek, stylish design that incorporates convenience, safety and security. Thule's Apex XT fits both 2" and 1.25" hitches right out of the box. The convenient SnugTite Locking Stinger mounting system offers tool-free installation or removal - simply loosen or tighten the hitch knob. To install, just push the tongue assembly into your hitch receiver until the integrated auto-hitch-pin snaps into place, then tighten the knob to activate the anti-rattle wedge mechanism to help eliminate bounce and sway for a secure and stable fit. The 9025xt Apex XT has a compact cradle design which accommodates a wide variety of bike frame styles and sizes. (Unconventional frames or traditional ladies' bikes may require a frame adapter bar like Thule's 982xt Bike Frame Adapter). Thule's new ratcheting style cradle straps make loading and unloading your bikes quick and easy. The bike cradles are now spaced 7" apart for better separation between bikes - eliminating the need to play "musical chairs" with your bikes to get them all loaded without rubbing and scraping one another. Integrated Anti-Sway fasteners provide extra stability and further reduce bike-to-bike contact. The Apex XT includes a quick release switch at the top that enables you to fold the bike arms down when not in use, and another at the base which allows you to tilt the rack away from your vehicle so you can easily access your hatch, trunk, or tailgate. The Hitch Switch mechanism has an audible click to assure you that the arms and mast are securely locked in position. The Apex XT includes full locking security for your rack and bikes - a built-in cable lock pulls out of the mast and locks into the end of one bike arm, and the locking hitch knob prevents your Apex XT from being removed from your hitch. 2 and 5 bike versions are also available (but do note that the 9026xt 5 bike version is only compatible with 2" receivers.)

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Are you getting ready for a serious fishing trip? Need to transport your heavy fishing kayak? Look no further than the Yakima 8004091 BigCatch - they're perfect for hauling heavy fishing and sit-on-top kayaks. The BigCatch transports kayaks on their hull and can handle kayaks in a variety of hull shapes and sizes up to 150 pounds. Felt pads on the rear saddles allow for easy loading and unloading while soft rubber grip pads on all four saddles ensure a solid, stable ride for your kayak. Tool-free mounting hardware mounts quickly and easily to nearly any crossbar design. The Yakima BigCatch Kayak Saddles quickly install, without tools, to Yakima, Thule, Malone, Rhino-Rack and most factory installed roof rack crossbars. (If you have the original Yakima roundbars, the BigCatch Roundbar Adapter Kit can be used to prevent the cradles from rotating around the bars.) The Yakima 4091 BigCatch Kit includes all four saddles with mounting hardware, heavy-duty tie down straps, and bow/stern tie downs.

Monday, April 15, 2019

The new Saris 4031 MTR 1 Bike Platform Style Hitch Mounted Bicycle Rack is a premium, all-aluminum bicycle rack compatible with both 1.25" and 2" hitches. The 4033 MTR 1 Bike or 4034 MTR 2 Bike Add-On can expand your bike carrying capacity to 2 or 3 bikes - even on smaller hitches. Installing the 4031 MTR in your hitch receiver is simple and tool-free, and the included locking cap secures the rack to your vehicle. Locking security doesn't stop there - an integrated cable lock is also included to secure your the bikes to the rack. The 4031 MTR can carry bikes with nearly any size tires, from 20" kid's bikes all the way up to a 29+ or 27.5 x 5" fat tire bikes. Large wheelbase bikes are no problem, either - the 4031 MTR handles wheelbases up to  53". With the current trends in MTB geometry, this is a must for bike racks to fit all bike styles. The 4031 MTR is designed to carry heavy regular bikes and e-bikes up to 60lbs. (If you use the 1 or 2 bike add-ons, the 2nd bike position is also rated at 60lbs, and the 3rd position is rated at 35lbs.) The front and rear tire cradles provide 4 points of contact with your bike's wheels, providing the most secure connection to the bike. The included rear wheel strap offers additional security and may be required on certain bikes, like fender bikes. The Saris MTR features an angled main spine to provide additional clearance for lower vehicles - this also helps prevent any saddle to handlebar conflict when carrying multiple bikes. The tray also has a unique pivoting and nesting feature which makes loading your bike a breeze and provides a more compact position when not in use. Saris has incorporated two easy handholds to make moving and installing the MTR simpler. The Saris 4031 MTR bike rack can be tilted away from the vehicle with your bike still loaded, allowing easy access to your vehicle's rear hatch. The Saris 4031 MTR bike rack comes fully assembled, so get yours today and hurry back out on the trails!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Yakima SwingDaddy Swing-away 4 Bike Hitch Rack - Now 20% Off!

If you're looking for a new hitch rack to kick off bike season this spring, check out the Yakima 8002464 SwingDaddy. This rack takes very minimal assembly - requiring you to install one bolt with the included wrench. The integrated locking SpeedKnob makes installing the SwingDaddy to your hitch fast and tool-free while securing your SwingDaddy against theft. With easy to use ZipStrip bike cradles and a superb swing-away feature giving you complete access to your hatch or tailgate, the SwingDaddy is a great bike rack at a reasonable price. We're currently offering 20% off on the SwingDaddy - so get yours today!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Thule Evo Clamp Roof Rack with SquareBars

This is Thule's new 2019 Evo Clamp roof rack installed onto a 2015 MK7 Volkswagen Golf 5 door, sporting the heritage Thule SquareBar 135, Fit Kit 5010 and Evo Clamp Foot Pack. The Evo Clamp rack system delivers a compact design with an all new Quick Access interface for smooth installation and removal. The Evo Clamp roof rack includes a new ergonomic torque limiter key which provides tactile feedback to ensure the correct assembly force has been applied. Thule’s SquareBar now uses a slotted under bar allowing compatibility with all Thule Evo and current Thule Rapid foot packs. The Evo Clamp works with all of the following Thule crossbar options: WingBar, ProBar, AeroBlades and SquareBars. Visit our Evo Clamp roof rack system video installation here: Thule Evo Clamp Roof Rack Video

Monday, February 4, 2019

Yakima BedRock HD Truck Bed Rack System

The Yakima Bedrock HD Rack Towers are designed for those who want a lower-profile trunk bed rack system that still features plenty of carrying power. Like the Yakima OverHaul HD, the Bedrock HD Towers pair with Yakima’s Heavy-Duty Aluminum Crossbars, but extends only four inches above the truck bed. This design lowers the center of gravity for heavier loads, makes accessing the load simple, and keeps the trunk bed space open for additional gear or supplies. They boast a 300 lb on-road carrying capacity and can carry up to 180 lbs off-road, making the Bedrock HD another strong, versatile option in Yakima’s new truck rack products. Better yet, tool-free attachment avoids drilling and makes installation painless, and the integrated tie-down points aid in tying down your supplies. For a sleek lower-profile truck rack design that can still manage heavier loads, the Bedrock HD Rack Towers are Yakima’s perfect option. Available mid-February.